I have always wanted to make goggles but the part where you see out of them would be like glasses so when you go swimming and you wear glasses you can see better. This all started when I first got glasses and my friend is cross eyed and we went to a pool birthday party. She could never go under water because she always has to wear her glasses or she cant see anything. Goggles

So wouldn’t it be cool if you could see under water better? Well I think it is and so many people wear glasses and I mean like who doesn’t love to go swimming! When i’m older I would love to pro-sue this invention but i’m still planning how to make this and get the world to know about it. I guess my first step is to plan out a idea of what I’m going to need and who I need to talk to, to get started. Underwater vision

First I need to draw out a sketch of what I want it to look like. Then I need to make a email or phone call to a person that will help me have a set plan of what I need to know. After that i’m hoping we will have a few examples to show off. I’m also hoping that that will all plan out great and at the end to be making some money for my own invention that Isabela Edelen invented. Also I would love if I could get on a show like Shark Tank!

Do you like my idea?

Cooking Camp

Me and my partner have had a couple major accomplishments. They are we had a meeting with our mentor and we got an email to Mann to ask if we can do this. When we met with our mentor we had a lot accomplished like: We know some dates she can help us with the camp. She gave us some things to do in the future like email Mrs. Crigger, and what to say on the flyers we made. Sophia and I are super excited for our project to go on and we are hoping that our first class will be December 8th.

We have a lot of goals we need to achieve. We need a email back from Mrs. Crigger and if she changes anything in our plans we need to do so. Then we need to hang up the flyers at Mann one day, and we need to have our first class the 8th and our first sale coming up too. We have a lot of this already being made but we still have to have two classes every month and a few bake sales like about 3 or 4 of them. Like I said before, we can’t wait until it!

My three favorite holidays

My favorite holiday is Christmas and I love this day because…Christmas is the best day in the whole day, first I wake up at like 6:00 and beg my family to get out of bed. Then they finally do and we go downstairs to open presents. I go to Hilton Head every year with my grandparents. So back to Christmas day I open my presents the we eat donuts, I’ve eaten donuts for Christmas breakfast since I was born. After we eat breakfast we play with are presents. That is why I love Christmas!!


Christmas hats.jpgCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

My second favorite holiday is Halloween I love this day because…OK so first of all I love to get scared, I don’t know why but I love watching scary movies and getting jump scared. Halloween I get to dress up and hang out with my friends. But the best thing ever the CANDY. I swear every Halloween I gain 5 pounds. My first Halloween I was a horse my last Halloween I was a nerd. Also every year I count how much candy I get and I think this year I got 370 pieces or close to it. That is why I love Halloween!


Finally my third favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because…I love to meet my family because i only see some of my family once a year or maybe twice because they all live 2 hours away. So i love when i get to see them. I went to my uncles house with all of my family to this year it was super fun. The thing is i hate turkey and green beans!! But i love everything else. That is why i love Thanksgiving!

Being Ms. Edelen

kathryn     Jacob Bøtter                                                                                                                                   If I was a principal the one thing i would do first is…..Hello my name is Ms. Edelen I will be your new principal for a week. There is one thing i cannot stand and that is kids getting bullied. When I was in grade school the same age as you guys I was bullied because i had huge glasses and i always wore unicorn shirts. I still don´t know why wearing unicorn shirts are a huge problem i liked them. So back to the point if i see any bullying happening going on this week you will be going straight to my office and i will be contacting your parents immediately! You will be punished for doing so, and if you don´t stop i will be having a long meeting with your parents.


If i was a teacher the one thing i would do first is…..Hello again. I am back but i am a teacher this time! Now this week that i am going to be teaching there is one rule i have and that is to be respectful to me and your surroundings. That means to not talk during our class time, no side conversations, do your work as needed, get stuff done, no being rude to me or students, and don’t call out. As long as we follow these not hard rules we will be great. I maybe will put in a few games in this week too!

Teaching         Teaching

My Christmas traditions

Glenn Waters

I have a lot of Christmas traditions. Sometimes they change each year, but they usually don´t. First thing we do is decorate our house full of snowflakes, Santa’s, and of course our elf on the shelf Crystal. We hang up this Christmas tree Velcro thing on the back of our front door and every day in December we put a little angle on the tree to act like stars. After that we usually drink hot coco every day. This year we are going to Hilton Head like we did last year for Christmas with my grandparents. I am asking for a Laptop and hopefully a new puppy.

Every year besides this year and last year my whole family would go to my grandparents house on Christmas eve and play Ms. and Mr. Right game with presents. Last last year i got a little Jewry box. After we do that we go in the kitchen and have a huge dinner that includes turkey, mash potato’s, green beans, stuffing, and hot coco. Then we go into the living room with all of the presents and open them. Some we take home for Christmas morning. Once that ends we go home and take a shower, my brothers always wear matching pj’s and i where matching ones with my mom. But then there is my dad that has the best pj’s, they even light up and make sounds. My brothers sleep in my moms room and i sleep in my brothers room with my parents.

Me and my brothers all wake up around 6:00 and wake up my parents. My dad walks down stairs and gets his phone out and films us running down the stairs. Last year we had to drive 14 hours to Hilton head so when we got there it was the day before Christmas eve. We unpacked all of our stuff and just hanged around and got groceries. We went to bed then it was Christmas eve. We didn’t do a lot but at night we went to this fancy dinner by the beach. When we got back to the condo we played Ms. and Mr. Right again. We got to open one of our presents. Then we went to sleep and woke up at 6:00.

Christmas traditions                             Christmas traditions

My story

Hello my name is Isabela, I am going to tell my story to you. When I was about 10 years old I fell in love with cheer leading. Everyday I got back from school I would go in my back yard and practice skills. I did this until the day came I had my first middle school cheer leading tryouts. I was a nervous all day, but then the time came. My mom drove me to tryouts. I was shacking the whole time there. My friend Makenzie was trying out to so I felt a little better walking in with her. When we walked in we had to set up the mats on the gym ground so if we fall we wont get hurt bad. We did warm-ups first which i was pretty good at. Then we had to do run ups. I did a round-off back-handspring back tuck. Everyone said I was really good! But i didn’t really believe them. Everyone could do what i could do so i want that special. Then we had to pick spots like flyers, back spot, or bases. I was picked for being the flyer. Makenzie was the back-spot so i wouldn’t fall. First step was easy i had to put my hands on the bases and jump up on there hands. So i did that but then i had to stand up which was really hard. When i standed up my feet started to shake a lot then the coach called out let down and the bases threw me up for no reason. All i remember after that is we smacked the floor head first like diving into the pool. I woke up at the hospital with my mom, dad, Mackenzie and her parents. My dad yeYouth Athleticslled “SHES AWAKE¨. Something strange happen i looked at Mackenzie and it look like she was in high school. My first words where ¨how old am I¨. I will never forget what my dad said after that. I hurt myself when i was in 6th grade, I woke up from my concussion in my joiner year of high school…

What do you think will happen to Isabella???

Creative Commons License North Charleston via Compfight.


Activity 2:

Hello my name is Cole and I love pumpkins

As I stare into the pumpkin it gets more blurry but I don´t know why

I think to myself could I eat this pumpkin but i decided not to

My mom is yelling at me but I like this pumpkin so im staying right next to it

I imagine would this pumpkin fit into my mouth

Then I saw the scary eyes on it

I want to eat this pumpkin

But I didn’t

It's hard to keep decorations out with curious Boo Lefou!Creative Commons License DaPuglet via Compfight



Plagiarism means to copy a image but you say that you made that or you made that up. This happens all of the time, it needs to stop. Its so easy to not plagiarism all you do is copy the URL and paste in by the image you posted. For example: If you see a drawing your friend made and posted on the internet and you want other people to see it all you do is copy that drawing, paste it, and then go back to your friends post and copy the URL. Then paste the URL by the picture you copied and pasted. I searched up some research and i found out that if you plagiarize your fine can be up too $100 – $50,000 dollars and up to one year in jail. I wanted to know if there are different types of plagiarism. Its really helpful to know all of this information to make sure you don’t get in trouble.

My avatar


My avatar represents me by the hair, glasses, the cloths and the background. I love the hair because its my exact hair color and style I usually ware. I wear glasses and they are black, so I thought I would put that on my avatar. I love the outfit I picked because I have the exact one but a different color. Then I did background because I want to visit Paris when I grow up.                                                                  face your manga