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Hello my name is Isabela, I am going to tell my story to you. When I was about 10 years old I fell in love with cheer leading. Everyday I got back from school I would go in my back yard and practice skills. I did this until the day came I had my first middle school cheer leading tryouts. I was a nervous all day, but then the time came. My mom drove me to tryouts. I was shacking the whole time there. My friend Makenzie was trying out to so I felt a little better walking in with her. When we walked in we had to set up the mats on the gym ground so if we fall we wont get hurt bad. We did warm-ups first which i was pretty good at. Then we had to do run ups. I did a round-off back-handspring back tuck. Everyone said I was really good! But i didn’t really believe them. Everyone could do what i could do so i want that special. Then we had to pick spots like flyers, back spot, or bases. I was picked for being the flyer. Makenzie was the back-spot so i wouldn’t fall. First step was easy i had to put my hands on the bases and jump up on there hands. So i did that but then i had to stand up which was really hard. When i standed up my feet started to shake a lot then the coach called out let down and the bases threw me up for no reason. All i remember after that is we smacked the floor head first like diving into the pool. I woke up at the hospital with my mom, dad, Mackenzie and her parents. My dad yeYouth Athleticslled “SHES AWAKE¨. Something strange happen i looked at Mackenzie and it look like she was in high school. My first words where ¨how old am I¨. I will never forget what my dad said after that. I hurt myself when i was in 6th grade, I woke up from my concussion in my joiner year of high school…

What do you think will happen to Isabella???

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