My Christmas traditions

Glenn Waters

I have a lot of Christmas traditions. Sometimes they change each year, but they usually don´t. First thing we do is decorate our house full of snowflakes, Santa’s, and of course our elf on the shelf Crystal. We hang up this Christmas tree Velcro thing on the back of our front door and every day in December we put a little angle on the tree to act like stars. After that we usually drink hot coco every day. This year we are going to Hilton Head like we did last year for Christmas with my grandparents. I am asking for a Laptop and hopefully a new puppy.

Every year besides this year and last year my whole family would go to my grandparents house on Christmas eve and play Ms. and Mr. Right game with presents. Last last year i got a little Jewry box. After we do that we go in the kitchen and have a huge dinner that includes turkey, mash potato’s, green beans, stuffing, and hot coco. Then we go into the living room with all of the presents and open them. Some we take home for Christmas morning. Once that ends we go home and take a shower, my brothers always wear matching pj’s and i where matching ones with my mom. But then there is my dad that has the best pj’s, they even light up and make sounds. My brothers sleep in my moms room and i sleep in my brothers room with my parents.

Me and my brothers all wake up around 6:00 and wake up my parents. My dad walks down stairs and gets his phone out and films us running down the stairs. Last year we had to drive 14 hours to Hilton head so when we got there it was the day before Christmas eve. We unpacked all of our stuff and just hanged around and got groceries. We went to bed then it was Christmas eve. We didn’t do a lot but at night we went to this fancy dinner by the beach. When we got back to the condo we played Ms. and Mr. Right again. We got to open one of our presents. Then we went to sleep and woke up at 6:00.

Christmas traditions                             Christmas traditions

4 thoughts on “My Christmas traditions

  1. Hello Isabella, I can tell your really into Holidays. For Christmas, because it never snows here, I like to smell candles and look at pretty house decorations with my family. My favorite Holidays are Christmas and Halloween. I cant really tell witch one I like more but right now i’m currently into Christmas.

    • Hey again, Yes I really love holidays like Christmas and Halloween. It snows here every winter almost, but it sometimes gets too cold and same i’m in Christmas mood right now.

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