Cooking Camp

Me and my partner have had a couple major accomplishments. They are we had a meeting with our mentor and we got an email to Mann to ask if we can do this. When we met with our mentor we had a lot accomplished like: We know some dates she can help us with the camp. She gave us some things to do in the future like email Mrs. Crigger, and what to say on the flyers we made. Sophia and I are super excited for our project to go on and we are hoping that our first class will be December 8th.

We have a lot of goals we need to achieve. We need a email back from Mrs. Crigger and if she changes anything in our plans we need to do so. Then we need to hang up the flyers at Mann one day, and we need to have our first class the 8th and our first sale coming up too. We have a lot of this already being made but we still have to have two classes every month and a few bake sales like about 3 or 4 of them. Like I said before, we can’t wait until it!

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